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Leatha Marie

Author and Resilience Consultant | Collector of Life, Loyalty, and Challenge Stories

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My Turn
A Nash Sister’s Novel

You could call 1954 the year of storms. Three hurricanes, including the fierce Hurricane Hazel, struck the East Coast. But there were other kinds of storms that year that pulled on homes and families. The Nash family foundation was cracking. In this third book about the Nash sisters, it is time for family members to take on new roles. Some are more surprisingly than others. Things change. The bonds need to be shored up. Will a family gathering do the trick?

Each book about the Nash family can be read as a standalone book, but there is something to be said for experiencing these well-developed characters as they grow across the decades. Step in for a good read. The fourth Nash sister’s book, The Kooler, is in the making!
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“A writer friend of mine once told me that good writers are “weavers of words.” In our opinion, you are one of those weavers!”
– Noyes Capeheart Long

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Kay Ritchie Jordan

“I just finished this wonderful novel. I feel I know each of these women . . . I loved the book and am kind of sorry to have finished it!“

Sheila Hobbs Warrick

“The Nash Sisters is such an extraordinary and heartwarming book! I could not put it down. Looking forward to more stories about these sisters!“

“Leatha Marie is a gifted story teller”
- Cheryl Markovic

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Relationships & Stories.

A third-grade teacher inspired Leatha to become a teacher. To follow that path, she graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh with a BA double major in History and Early Childhood Education. For more than 25 years Leatha taught elementary school, managed early childhood programs, and mentored potential leaders working with very young children. She went back to Meredith to earn an MBA to further understand the impact women can have with high potential leaders in the corporate world.  

Leatha is married and the mother of two adult children, who also live in North Carolina. When not writing or gathering with extended family and close friends, Leatha is at the beach.

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